The Sales Funnel

Online Sales Funnels Work Magic

They connect businesses and entrepreneurs with their potential customers and help them build an effective relationship.

A Well Planned Sales Funnel Helps You Succeed.

take your customers on the journey

turn website visitors into Buyers

When you think ‘Sales Funnels’ you probably think something like this. Not Today, Not Anymore…

Sales Funnel

The seven or more-step sales process is a good sales strategy makes you more likely to close sales at a higher rate.

Typical May Not Fit

It’s complicated your target customers may become confused easily and a confused customer does not buy.

How to Build a Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are important because it takes your customers on the journey of the buying process.

  • Create a landing page, offer something valuable...
  • Close the deal or keep the process going...
  • Optimize your sales funnel with OTOs, Upsells or Upgrades.

Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into email subscribers, and email subscribers into customers or clients.

How to make a Sales Funnel better?

The only one thing better than building your own Sales Funnels, is having one built for you! We offer DFY sales funnels in the most demanding industries for online businesses.

Single low-end information products are very high in-demand right now. Offering complete done-for-you (DFY) and online products for you to sell as your own, best part is you get to keep 100% of all sales.

Introducing Done-For-You Sales Funnels

Discover How To Start An Online Sales Funnel, Even If You’re a Complete Beginner

Powerful, Simple and Very Effective Sales Funnels, That Have Been tested, proven to convert and keep your customers in the buying cycle for months if not years!

Sale Process Flow

Upsell Upgrade Offer Page

take a look at these sample images of the Sales Flow, Front end sales page, upsell offer page and optin lead capture page.

Front End Sales

Front Optin Lead Capture Page

All images have been cut short to show as example only. All pages are longer and very professional written and images.

Everything You Need To Get Start Right - Right Away!

Including resell rights to make this a truly complete business startup

With resell rights you can customize and edit everything with your name, contact information, website and more. Also you get to keep all the sales you make over and over again, sell as many as you want. Keep 100% Profits!

Short - Simple - Effective

As you can see from above you will get everything you need to personalize, upload and start making sales from Day-One!

Quick Review:

With each funnel pack you will get the following;

Front End eBook Pack
1 – Ebook
2 – Checklist
3 – Resource Cheat Sheet
4 – Mindmap
5 – Sales Page (including thankyou-page & images)
6 – Optin Page (including lead box & lead magnet)
7 – Graphics
8 – Email Swipes
9 – Social Media Images
10 – License Terms and Conditions

Upsell or Upgrade Video Pack
1 – Videos
2 – Upsell Page (including thankyou-page & images)
3 – 7 Day autoresponder series
4 – Special Report (a give-away report)
5 – Affiliate Toolbox Page
6 – Social Media Swipe Kit
7 – Top Forums and Blogs
8 – Keywords
9 – Presentation
10 – Featured Images
11 – License Terms and Conditions

This is just a sample but each package contains everything you need to set up your sales funnel as explained.

Everything is professional created by top leading marketers with years of experience.

You will see that each funnel is what we call Mini Sales Funnel.

Short: Only 3 parts to setup and work with.
Simple: Easy to follow, work with and understand.
Effective: Prospect will understand the process, make a decision quickly and move to the next step.

And isn’t that what we all really want to know from our customers. Are they ready to buy, now? Do they need more information before they buy? And after they buy, are they ready to upgrade?

Either way you got their emails for further follow up and the opportunity to make more offers for as long as you have them in your responder.

And we even provide you with follow up series of emails to help you keep them in your sales cycle. Also the opportunity to sign them up as your affiliates to help you make even more sales.

Once again the flow of the process is as follows.
Your customer or prospect lands on your sales page which guides them down the offer for a low end ebook, with a few buttons to buy throughout the sales letter.

By the time they reach the end of the offer they will be ready to make a decision. If they don’t buy now, upon exiting your page they will be presented with a free give-away special report, which is almost impossible to resist. And then your follow emails begin.

If they click one of the buy buttons, then they will get your offer to upgrade another great offer at a higher price. After they make the purchase they land on your optin page to register the purchase, your lead capture page.

This method has been tested and proven to rack in high conversions. You make a sale or two and most important you build your list of prospect for future offers and promotions.

a few front end ebooks & Upgrade Packs

Pricing Plan

Easy Pricing Plans

Buy only what you want, buy at your comfort level. Starting out is nerve wrecking and sometimes painful, start small then go big or go big then bigger!

Try out plan

  • Front End Package $7
  • Upgrade Video Pack $17
  • Lead Capture Page Included
  • Give-away Report Included

Business Plan

  • 2 Front End Packs $14
  • 2 Upgrade Video Packs $34
  • Lead Capture Page Included
  • Give-away Report Included
  • 20% Off Code: 20OFF


  • 3+ Front End Packs
  • 3+ Upgrade Video Packs
  • Lead Capture Page Included
  • Give-away Report Included
  • 50% Off Code: LIMITED50OFF

Guru Plan

  • Unlimited Front End Packs
  • Unlimited Upgrade Video Packs
  • Lead Capture Page Included
  • Give-away Report Included
  • 50% Off Code: LIMITED50OFF

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30 Day Full

100% satasfaction gaurrenteed

Satisfaction guaranteed 100% if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase just email us, No Questions Asked!

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